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Don't Eat The Bluebonnets (2006)

Sue Ellen, a sassy cow, loves to smell, lick and eat the bluebonnets although everyone warns her not to. "The bluebonnets will not come back next year if you eat them," Max the Longhorn tells her. When she can no longer stand the temptation of the tasty bluebonnets-having a mind of her own-she eats them all. The next spring the bluebonnets don't come back. Now Sue Ellen must solve the problem of getting the bluebonnets back in her favorite pasture.


Hayfest, A Holiday Quest (2008)

Continues the adventures of Sue Ellen, the cow with a mind of her own, as she jumps, dances, and stampedes her holiday traditions into the lives the other farm animals. Soon, she finds that they also have minds of their own, and that although, Hayfest, A Holiday Quest Through a fun filled romp with her little sister, Lisa Jean, Sue Ellen learns the true meaning of diversity and family.


Bully in the Barnyard

Max's nephew, Jake, comes to the farm with big ideas and an even bigger personality. Everyone wants to be his friend, but things begin to change the longer he stays around. Sue Ellen, a cow with a mind of her own, needs to make that mind up. Will she do what her new friend tells her, or will she do what she knows is right?